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GP Referral & Your Health

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You may have a medical condition that stops you from being able to achieve your goals. Often, it can be just a matter of finding the right person to help you, no matter what condition you are suffering from, or what barriers you have to exercise. If your doctor has to refer you, if you have diabetes for example, then a suitably qualified personal trainer can create an exercise routine that works for you.

Your Health & Physical Activity

You can exercise no matter what medical condition you may have. There are very few conditions where exercise is not possible. A lot of people may shy away from physical exercise because they feel that it will cause problems for them.

If you have any medical condition that you feel is stopping you from exercising, then please get in touch and we can discuss the GP referral process.

Common Medical Conditions

Some of the more common medical issues that I am qualified to work with include: Angina; Back Pain; Depression; Diabetes; Hypertension; Myocardial Infarction (heart attack); Obesity; Osteo-arthritis; Parkinson's Disease; Stress; Strokes and many more that are not listed here.

As a personal trainer, I am qualified to work with many different medical conditions. Different conditions will require different training methods. This is something that I can discuss with you once you have received clearance from your doctor (if required)

GP Referral & Personal Training

A personal trainer can build an exercise program that you are able to manage, and enable you to reach your goals. A personal trainer with a GP referral qualification can be a valuable resource to turn to if you want to exercise, but feel that your condition makes this difficult.

I can help you identify your goals, and help you achieve them, and then create new ones, improving your fitness & health as we progress.

As a GP referral qualified personal trainer, I have the required expertise to work with a variety of people that may find it difficult to get to the gym.

GP Referral Basics

Having a medical condition can sometimes prevent people from exercising. If you feel that you may need permission from your doctor, they will refer you to a fitness professional for evaluation.

Having a medical condition should never stop you from enjoying an active lifestyle, you just have to train in a different way.

I can help you improve your fitness, build some lean muscle, help you lose weight, and teach you what you need to know about nutrition.

Common Medical Conditions

There are many illnesses and conditions that I can work with. Some of the more common are diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

I can work with you in your home, you do not have to join a gym, and you don't have to move from the comfort of your home environment.

GP Referral To A Personal Trainer

Once you have received permission from your doctor, and you want to train with a personal trainer, I will discuss with you where we can go from here.

Please contact me and we can meet face to face and discuss your individual needs. I will create an exercise program that you can enjoy, one that will improve your quality of life.

GP Referral Qualifications

As a personal trainer, I have a Level 3 GP & Exercise Referral qualification. This is the standard qualification for fitness professionals.

I have the knowledge that is will be helpful when trying to train people that may not be able to train in the way that others are able.

This is important because it can be extremely difficult for some people to even begin an exercise program, because they feel that it isn't something that they should be doing.