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If you are ready to book a personal training session with me, then please get in touch and we can discuss your individual needs. If you live in the Stoke-on-Trent area, I can come to your home and train you in a comfortable environment. I am always available to offer advice for anyone that has a question about their health & fitness. You can phone me or send me a text message: 07518557843. I can help you even if you don't live in this area, via e-mail: where I can help you with your motivation.

You do not have to be a member of a gym, and you really don't need to join a gym at any point in your weight loss journey. Some people feel uncomfortable training in a gym environment, so training in your home is perfect if you want to work hard without worrying about how people will see you.

Personal Training Sessions

I normally recommend a 12 week program, with either 1, 2 or 3 hours per week, depending on your goals. Once this 12 week period has ended, we can then reassess your goals and begin a new 12 week program.

As you reach your goals, I will help you decide what your next goals may be, and I will then create a new 12 week program to help you reach your new goals.

Personal Training Costs

The total cost of your personal training sessions will depend on how many hours you would like to book, and over what time period. For a one hour session, the price is £30. By booking 12 sessions, and paying in advance, the cost per hour works out to be £25, and this is a cost effective way of having a personal trainer help you achieve your fitness goals.

Getting In Touch With Julian Stone

During each 12 week cycle, we can continue to evaluate your progress, and make small changes as and when needed. If you want to book a personal training consultation with me, then you can phone me on 07518557843.

Personal Training Basics

A personal trainer can offer a different viewpoint, and offer you regular encouragement and important advice, helping you achieve your goals.

A personal trainer can also train you in a way that you perhaps would never have thought of, and at an intensity that is higher than you thought you could achieve.

You will often find that most people train well below their natural ability, often working at a lower level than they are capable of.

Julian Stone Personal Trainer

Having achieved significant weight loss, I know exactly what it takes to lose any amount of weight, and more importantly, how to maintain your weight loss.

I used to weigh more than 300 pounds, which is obese, something that I know can have an incredibly negative impact on your life.

I lost more than 100 pounds, through hard work, determination, and a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, making better choices about the foods that I was eating.

Stop Gaining Weight

One of the most difficult aspects when trying to lose weight, is making sure that you don't gain the weight back, or end up in a vicious yo-yo dieting nightmare.

It can often be difficult to know where to turn when you struggle with your weight loss. As a personal trainer, I can teach you about nutrition, helping you make the right decisions, and making sure that you choose the right foods.

Build Lean Muscle Mass

Adding lean muscle to your body is a great way to maintain your goal weight, and burn more calories, making it much more difficult to gain weight.

Adding lean muscle mass to your body is also a great way to enhance your body image, giving you more confidence when you are in social situations.