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BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill

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BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill Review From Sport and Leisure UK

BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill

Where Can I Buy BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill Online?

Product Description: The BodyTrain F30 XTI motorised folding treadmill provides all the facilities you need for a truly fantastic home running machine. Featuring a very high-powered 3.0HP motor which speeds the treadmill up to a very impressive 16kph. Together with the 15 degree automatic powered incline this treadmill is sure to impress all home runners. Not only that but the motors come with a lifetime guarantee as we are so confident in the quality of our machines. The running deck of the F30 XTI is a very generous 135cm x 47cm which ensures plenty of space for people of any build and running gait and the machine has a hefty max user weight of 130kg. The deck is nicely cushioned with adjustable suspension to better protect the runner's body from enduring anymore impact than is necessary. The F30 XTI comes with 12 user programs which together with the short cut keys on the computer and the controls on the arms ensure that every possible form of home running can be enjoyed on this fabulous machine. The co.

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Below, you will find detailed information about BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill. By visiting Sport and Leisure UK, you will be able to find out more, and also buy this item. Online Store: Sport and Leisure UK. Retail Price: £599.95. Sport and Leisure UK Price: £599.95. Buy: BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill.Category: Fitness Equipment. Brand: BodyTrain

BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill Product Rating, Description & Buying Guide

Product Review: the BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill can be purchsed online from Sport and Leisure UK, with a retail price of: £599.95, and Sport and Leisure UK price is: £599.95. this iten can be found in the Fitness Equipment category. Make sure you don't miss out on this product, clicking on the image, or following the link will take you to the online store to buy BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill

  • Online Store: Sport and Leisure UK
  • Retail Price: £599.95
  • Sport and Leisure UK Price: £599.95
  • Product Name: BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill
  • Category: Fitness Equipment
  • Brand: BodyTrain
  • Sub-Category: Fitness Equipment
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