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Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter

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Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter Review From Sport and Leisure UK

Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter

Where Can I Buy Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter Online?

Product Description: The Hillman D200 Mobility Scooter has been designed from the ground up with all the latest technologies available to provide a wide range of users with an ideal solution for their daily movement needs. The large foam-filled 9-inch tyres are puncture proof and smoothly roll over uneven ground, the rear suspension combined with the deluxe adjustable captain seat with armrests ensure a comfortable journey. The seat rotates and the armrests both lift to make getting on and off the scooter as easy as possible, the crutch holders ensure that if needed your crutches are close at hand to aid this task. A top speed of 5mph (8km/h) can easily be adjusted, forward and backward controls and steering has been designed to be as easy as possible using the intuitive wig wag lever and delta tiller steering. The removable 40Ah lithium battery provides an incredible range of over 30 miles of travel from a full charge, making the Hillman D200 Scooter ideal for both shorts trips around town and longer jour.

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Below, you will find detailed information about Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter. By visiting Sport and Leisure UK, you will be able to find out more, and also buy this item. Online Store: Sport and Leisure UK. Retail Price: £999.95. Sport and Leisure UK Price: £999.95. Buy: Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter.Category: Fitness Equipment. Brand: Hillman Mobility

Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter Product Rating, Description & Buying Guide

Product Review: the Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter can be purchsed online from Sport and Leisure UK, with a retail price of: £999.95, and Sport and Leisure UK price is: £999.95. this iten can be found in the Fitness Equipment category. Make sure you don't miss out on this product, clicking on the image, or following the link will take you to the online store to buy Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter

  • Online Store: Sport and Leisure UK
  • Retail Price: £999.95
  • Sport and Leisure UK Price: £999.95
  • Product Name: Hillman Lithium Mobility Scooter
  • Category: Fitness Equipment
  • Brand: Hillman Mobility
  • Sub-Category: Health
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