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When people are talking about weight loss, what they actually really mean is fat loss. Overall weight loss includes fluid loss and fat loss. It is losing fat that is most important, and most difficult to accomplish. Many people struggle with excess weight for most of their life, and find it very difficult to maintain a successful weight loss program.

Weight Loss & Your Diet

Having a balanced diet is important, but so is a well structured fitness routine. Diet and exercise combined can help you achieve your weight loss goals, and make it easier for you to maintain your target weight. Find out how your BMI score is important to your overall health.

As a qualified personal trainer, I can help you with your nutrition, and create an effective fat loss routine that will work for you. Stop trying to figure out how to do it alone, get in touch and I can change your life.

Significant Weight Loss

I have personal experience of being significantly overweight, and I know how to maintain my target weight. I have personally lost 100 pounds, and kept that weight off for the last 6 years. Find out how I lost 100 pounds.

The hardest aspect of significant weight loss can be finding the motivation required for such a difficult task. Having a support system is vital for long-term success.

Weight Loss For Teenage Girls

If you are at a vulnerable age, then it is important that you have all the tools that you need so you are always able to make an informed decision about the foods that you are eating. Weight loss for teenage girls can be such a difficult subject, and it can sometimes seem to be too much to cope with for so many teenagers.

It can be so confusing for anyone, but certain groups will always have a much harder time when trying to lose weight, and teenage girls can easily find themselves overwhelmed by conflicting information about food and body image.

Weight Loss & Personal Training

If you are having a hard time losing the weight that you want to lose, then hiring a personal trainer makes sense for you. A personal trainer will take a look at your current lifestyle and suggest ways in which you can change, which will help you achieve your goals.

As a personal trainer with experience of losing a significant amount of weight, I know what it takes to lose weight, and what you will need to do to maintain your weight loss.

Weight Loss Pills & Your Health

When you are trying to lose weight, it may be tempting to turn to weight loss pills, either those that you find in your local health shop, or something that is advertised on television.

The best way to lose weight, and to maintain the weight loss is to make long lasting lifetime changes, altering your bad habits, and turning them into positive change.

Weight Loss Basics

This is perhaps the most common health aspect that people may struggle with, how to lose weight, and how to maintain weight loss.

Losing weight shouldn't be difficult, but it is for millions of people, a constant struggle for many. Having a support structure is important, as it gives you a sense of achievement and valuable encouragement.

When we talk about losing weight, we are trying to reduce the amount of fat that we are carrying on our body, and we can do this by burning more calories than we consume.

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss begins when we decide that it is time that we made a few changes in our life, and when we make better lifestyle choices.

To succeed with weight loss, it is important to acknowledge that you have a problem with how much you weigh, and how much extra fat you have on your body.

Once you accept that it is time for change, you can begin your weight loss journey, and make the necessary lifestyle changes, altering your behaviour, and eating healthier foods, making better choices.

Weight Loss Tips

Make sure that you keep a detailed food diary; making sure that you are writing down everything that you are eating and drinking, every day.

For some people, it can be quite a shock when they see what they are actually eating and drinking, it doesn't always match what they think that are consuming each day.

Once you realise that you are perhaps eating more than you thought that you were, then you can take control of your eating habits.

Take steps to make sure that you are always aware of every bite of food that you are eating, and you will be less likely to eat too much food.

Maintain Your Weight Loss

Once you have worked hard to lose the extra weight, you need to make sure that you continue to work hard at maintaining your weight loss.

This is perhaps the one area that most people will struggle with. Losing weight may seem easy, especially when you have already lost some weight.

Maintaining your weight loss can be the ultimate challenge, but don't be discouraged, it can be done. If you managed to lose the weight in the first place, you should be able to maintain that weight loss.

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