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How I Lost 100 Pounds Julian Stone Personal Trainer

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I know what it is like to be seriously overweight, I used to weigh 294 pounds; which is 133 kilograms, or 21 stone. I lost just over 100 pounds. I currently weigh 192 pounds; which is 87 kilograms, or 13 stone 10 pounds. A total loss of 102 pounds, or 46 kilograms, or 7 stone 4 pounds. I am confident that this weight loss will remain stable due to my current lifestyle choices. Leading an active life combined with good nutrition choices is the key to a healthy body mass index (BMI)

I had to educate myself about nutrition, learning a lot about the science behind what we eat, and how everything affects the way we look, and more importantly, the way we feel.

Decades of poor food choices will have a detrimental effect on your body. Making healthy food choices will have an immediate effect on your health, and help you become more active.

How To Lose Weight

The first question people ask me is how I managed to lose so much weight. My answer is that I had to change the way I think about food, and also become more active.

Nutrition plays a vital role in helping you lose fat from your body, combing this with a good exercise program will result in weight loss. Being active should never be underestimated, this is often the key to weight loss success.

Lose 100 Pounds The Healthy Way

It took me a long time to lose 100 pounds, and I had to make some significant lifestyle changes, and I had to stop eating certain foods. There are no quick fix solutions when trying to lose more than 100 pounds, you just have to work hard, focus on eating a healthy, balanced diet, and including a progressive exercise routine.

I had to learn about the foods that I was eating, understanding why I had gained so much weight in the first place, and also how I could reverse the process and lose all those pounds that I had gained.

There is little point losing 100 pounds if you then go on to regain 120, so I had to be careful that I did not make those same mistakes that resulted in my initial weight gain.

How To Maintain Weight Loss

Perhaps the most difficult challenge that people are faced with is how to make sure that the weight doesn't just come back once you have lost it.

This is why it is vital that you alter your lifestyle, both with the foods that you eat, and also with how active you must be to maintain your weight loss.

Losing a lot of weight can make you feel fantastic; but then when you put it all (and more) back on, you will feel terrible, and your weight loss journey will be derailed.

Weight Loss With A Personal Trainer

Having someone there every step of the way will help you in your quest to lose a lot of fat from your body, and maintain a lean body mass.

As a personal trainer, I will be there with you, making sure that you reach your goals each week; helping you make the right food choices, and sticking with your personalised exercise program.

Rapid Weight Loss

At no point in my 100 pound weight loss journey did I ever look into trying to lose weight quickly. I knew that losing weight requires lots of hard work, and I didn't want to 'cheat'. Trying to lose weight quickly may seem appealing, but it is not the way to lose weight, because you really need to take the time to learn how to lose weight, and how to maintain your weight loss.

How To Lose 100 Pounds

I have written a 12 step program that details how you can lose a significant amount of weight. Learn how you can lose 100 pounds.

Step 1: Stop Gaining Weight

It may seem obvious, but you cannot begin your weight loss journey without first making sure that you stop gaining weight.

Step 2: Learn About Nutrition

I educated myself about the foods that we eat, and how nutrients are important to your health. As important part of losing weight is to learn about nutrition.

Step 3: Losing Your First Pound

When I first started my weight loss journey, it was such a good feeling when my weight gain came to an end, and it is such a relief when losing your first pound.

Step 4: Be More Active

I went from sitting on the chair, pigging out on comfort food, to walking every day, then onto running, and I would never have lost 100 pounds if I had not decided to be more active.

Step 5: Losing 10 Pounds

When everything starts coming together, and you understand what you need to do to lose weight, it does become easier when you start losing 10 pounds.

Step 6: Change Your Mental Attitude

I had a poor mental attitude, I never considered what my weight gain was doing to me, but I succeeded; you really need to change your mental attitude.

Step 7: Losing 50 Pounds

When I got to this stage, I never imagined that I would go on to lose another 52 pounds, but I did. For me, it was just the beginning when losing 50 pounds.

Step 8: Maintain Your Weight Loss

I had many months where my weight would fluctuate, and it was a constant battle, but it is vitally important that you focus so you can maintain your weight loss.

Step 9: Losing 90 Pounds

I knew that I was so close to my ultimate goal, but it was still a huge challenge, but it is such a good feeling when losing 90 pounds.

Step 10: Lose the Last 10 Pounds

It took a lot of work to get this far, but losing those last few pounds was a bigger challenge for me. It takes a lot of mental strength to lose the last 10 pounds

Maintain Your 100 Pound Weight Loss

When you look around you, there are so many temptations when it comes to comfort food, and it was really a tough time for me, but you have to be determined to maintain your 100 pound weight loss

Lose 100 Pounds With A Personal Trainer

I lost 100 pounds, then became a personal trainer so I could pass on my expertise. I can help you lose 100 pounds with a personal trainer.