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Julian Stone Personal Trainer - About Me

I am a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. This is the standard qualification for personal trainers in England. My name is Julian Stone and my passion is fitness, and helping others to achieve their health related goals for 2018 and beyond. I used to weigh 300 pounds, and through leading a healthy lifestyle, changing my habits and learning about nutrition, I lost 100+ pounds. Once I had achieved the weight loss, I became a personal trainer.

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I have a passion for keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I spend a lot of time in a gym environment, and I am an expert in weight loss, nutrition and coaching people in building lean muscle mass, while reducing fat levels. I have the following personal training qualifications.

Personal Training Qualifications

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. This is the main personal training qualification, the standard for all personal trainers in the UK.

Level 3 GP & Exercise Referral. This qualification allows me to work with a range of people that may have a medical condition that prevents them from training under normal circumstances. I know how to work with different medical issues, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Level 2 Certificate In Fitness Instruction. This qualification is the basic one for all fitness instructors, allowing me to work in a gym environment.

Award in Circuit Instruction. If you are interested in doing a circuit range of exercises, then this is the qualification that means that I can create a personalised circuit program for you.

Award in Group Indoor Cycling. If cycling is something that you are interested in, then I am qualified to teach a spinning class.

Award in Personal Training Outdoors. Some people prefer to train outdoors; if you want to stay away from the gym, and love to be outside, then I can train you outdoors.

Award in Business Skills for the Personal Trainer

Personal Training

It can be difficult to achieve your goals when you are working on your own. A personal trainer can help you with motivation, guide you through all the aspects of weight loss, and teach you what you need to know about nutrition.

Weight Loss

One of the most common reasons why people turn to a personal trainer; weight loss is also one of the most difficult things in life, something that a lot of people will always struggle with. As a personal trainer, I can help you learn what you need to know so that you never have to worry about weight gain, which means that you are more likely to live a longer life.

Muscle Building

Adding lean muscle mass to your body is a great way to make sure that you are losing the fat that you want to lose. A lot of people struggle in the gym, mostly because they just don't know which exercises to do. As a personal trainer, I can teach you a range of different exercises that you can do safely and effectively, making sure that you are always training the correct way, with perfect form.


The food that we eat plays an important role in weight loss, and also weight gain. It can be extremely difficult to know which foods you should be eating, and which foods you should be avoiding. As a personal trainer, I can teach you what you need to know about nutrition, and about the foods that are available for you to eat, making sure that you know which foods are the best ones to eat when you are trying to lose weight.


Being fit is often overlooked when it comes to losing weight, a lot of people just change their diet and hope that this will be enough for them to do. It isn't that easy, it is important to work on your fitness; this is where losing weight becomes much easier. As a personal trainer, I can get you fitter than you ever thought possible, making it easier for you to maintain your healthy weight, so you can live a healthier, and longer life.